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TSP Super Ventus

TSP Super Ventus

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The TSP Super Ventus (since 2021 labeled as Victas Ventus Extra) is a dynamic, modern and versatile topspin rubber. Equipped with a very good touch, high performance and a good price, many topspin players will like this rubber. This rubber belongs to newly developed generation of topspin rubbers, which focus mainly on spin. It can be compared to andro Hexer Powergrip or Xiom Vega X, while Super Ventus has the most balanced characteristics between these rubbers.
TSP Super Ventus review
Playing characteristics
Price-performance ratio
Overall impression
Playing styleOFF
BrandTSP (Victas)
Rubber coloursRed / Black
Rubber technologyTensor
Sponge thickness1.8 mm / 2.0 mm / Max.
Sponge attributesSmall-sized pores; 47.5° (EUR) Medium-Hard
Reviewed rubberRed Max.
Package Weight103.89 g
Uncut71.68 g
Cut47.82 g
Hours testedmany hours (former rubber)
Release year2018

TSP Super Ventus Review

With the TSP Super Ventus another offensive rubber from TSP appears, after the brand waited a couple of years. With the newest addition, the rubber series adds its 5th version. Already in the line uo are Ventus Speed, Ventus Spin and Ventus Soft, as well as the beginner’s rubber Ventus Basic.

When I heard about the Super Ventus at the ISPO 2018, I was immediately thrilled. Because the rubber series lacked of a TOP rubber, which is equipped with a medium-hard sponge and competitive playing characteristics.

TSP Super Ventus pimples

Despite the excellent price-performance ratio of the Ventus rubbers, the series was criticized by me before. The fastest rubber, Ventus Speed, with its 45° medium sponge was rather suitable for the variable offensive players.

Now I’m very curious to see what the premium rubber of the series can do and whether it was worth the wait.

My best thanks go to Yamato Takkyu Europe GmbH for sending me the test rubber. The Yamato Takkyu Europe GmbH not only houses the brand TSP, but also the young table tennis brand Victas, which is very popular, especially in Japan.

Technical features of the TSP Super Ventus

TSP Super Ventus sponge
TSP Super Ventus pimple structure

When I unpacked my rubber, I had to smile a little. The Super Ventus has a bright pink sponge. Somehow they take over at the moment. But this is only my personal opinion ?

The topsheet of Super Ventus makes a high-quality and handy impression. During the pressure test it looks like a normal medium hard rubber. The pimple structure is not chosen to be extreme in terms of width, height or distance. Pretty much average in regards to that.

The sponge has medium pores and is located in the medium-hard range (47.5°).

The weight of the Super Ventus is within the normal range of a TOP rubber with maximum sponge thickness. My test copy (red Max.) weighed 103g with packaging. The uncut rubber weight 72g. Cut on my Primorac 48g remained.

Playing characteristics of TSP Super Ventus

TSP Super Ventus makes a lot of fun right from the start. There are only a few rubbers in this hardness range that have such a distinct sound. I wanted to mention that right at the beginning, because you don’t often find something like that.

The Super Ventus has a high basic speed when in counter play, but there are much faster table tennis rubbers out there. The general feeling for the ball and the exact placement possibilities make it quite controllable.

TSP Super Ventus rubber review

Topspin opening & ball flight curve

The first topspins have a good sound, a lot of dynamics and high rotation values. The title ‘Topspin rubber’ can be awarded without restrictions.

I especially liked the opening against backspin. It can be played very safe and spinny, as well as fast and powerful. The medium high and medium long arc allows a perfect mix of fast and slow topspins.

Buy TSP Super Ventus

Counter topspin, dynamics & comparison

Counter topspins close to the table is one of the strengths of the TSP Super Ventus. When counter-looping an opponent’s topspin, the rubber develops a lot of power and dynamics, which is also surprisingly easy to control. The dynamic development of this rubber is by no means disturbing and can be controlled at any time.

Anyone who plays rubbers like Xiom Vega Pro or Tibhar Evolution EL-S, knows that the power of a rubber can sometimes be disruptive, as these rubbers literally explode and create a lot of unforeseen speed.

With TSP Super Ventus you have the necessary ball security in such situations. The price for this is that the Super Ventus is a bit more moderate, which is perfectly sufficient for almost all table tennis players.

TSP Super Ventus top-sheet

Half distance

From half-distance and in long counter-lopping duels, the rubber works dynamically, spin-friendly and always dangerous. I never had the feeling that I could lose control or be pushed back further. The arc characteristics and the associated beautiful spin curve, which is not too high or too flat, allow a variable and offensive play.

Service & rotation level

I liked to serve with TSP Super Ventus, because I was able to create a good amount of spin. Also I could precisely control the length and height of the serve.

Overall, the rotation level is in the upper class of the table tennis rubbers. Pure rotation rubbers, like the Tibhar Genius or Tenergy 05, produce even more spin.

The rotation level can best be compared to rubbers like Joola Rhyzm or Butterfly Tenergy 80, which is not surprising due to the pimple geometry, overall hardness and variable playing characteristics. Perhaps new to me are the high dynamics and liveliness of the rubber in offensive playing situations. But this has a surprisingly positive effect and isn’t leading to a loss of control.

TSP Super Ventus comparison

Returns & opening above the table

In the return game, Super Ventus is a good choice. Short lay backs are quite easy and can be played exactly. The rubber creates a light catapult which is absolutely acceptable, although I personally would prefer extremely low catapult rubbers like the Tibhar Genius.

In addition, TSP Super Ventus takes on a good portion of rotation. Simple passive, bad executed strokes don’t work. Despite its well-balanced attack characteristics, the rubber is too demanding for this and not really a beginner’s rubber.

Active openings above the table are easy to play. With banana flip, a rather poisonous spin and an unpleasant ball placement can be generated. Fast flips are also rock solid, not brute hard, but easy to play.

TSP Super Ventus TT-rubber

Block, shot and balloon defense

You can be very active in the blocking game. TSP Super Ventus allows to push away the opponent’s attacking strokes. Passive, however, you must pay attention.

Although the rubber is not the most spin-sensitive and not uncontrollable, a certain understanding of the game and the appropriate technique must be available in order to block effectively. Otherwise, the blocks sail all over the place.

In the shooting game the rubber develops a lot of pressure on the opponents. This is not only due to its power, but also to the high accuracy. In defense, a good length can be produced. Counterattacks are always possible and actually dangerous.

TSP Super Ventus rubber

Conclusion on the TSP Super Ventus

With TSP Super Ventus a interesting rubber has come onto the market. Not only the fair price of $49.95 is exciting, but also the good playing characteristics of the rubber.

I would compare the Super Ventus with a modern Joola Rhyzm. But also the argument of an easier to play Xiom Vega Pro makes sense. Furthermore I see parallels to Tibhar Evolution EL-S, despite being a little harder, and to andro Hexer Powergrip.

The result is a topspin rubber with a good portion of spin and high speed. The sound development and the controllable dynamics stand for others strengths.

What struck me personally was that the Super Ventus can be an interesting option for the plastic ball. I was playing with Tibhar Genius. And I was absolutely satisfied. However, it is not to be denied that when playing with the polyball more dynamics would not be bad.

At the same time I’m looking for a rubber that has a nice arc and a lot of spin with topspins, because I can’t cope so well with pure speed rubbers in game situations.

Therefore the TSP Super Ventus was a serious alternative for me. And I changed to this rubber this summer. So far, I am very happy with the change.

In any case, the rubber is worth a test for topspin players who play at the table as well as from half distance. Unlike many other new rubbers, the focus was not only on pure speed and dynamics, but increasingly on rotation, arc and controllability.

And a word about the other Ventus rubbers. I will soon be writing test reports on the Ventus Speed and Ventus Soft, Ventus Basic and Ventus Spin. They are already tested on my german blog.

Soon I’ll do a comparison test of the rubber series, so that you can choose the right version, if you are interested in the Ventus rubbers ?

TSP Super Ventus review
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About me
Marcel Arnold (tt89player)
Marcel Arnold (tt89player)

Since 2014 I'm blogging about my most favorite sport, table tennis. On my german blog, I have already covered all the different topics about table tennis. Now with, my main focus stays on testing table tennis equipment. I've tested countless rubbers, blades, rackets and all other equipment. With my reiviews and equipment consultation experience, I've helped many table tennis players to find their new table tennis goods.

Marcel Arnold (tt89player)
Marcel Arnold (tt89player)

Since 2014 I'm blogging about my most favorite sport, table tennis. On my german blog, I have already covered all the different topics about table tennis. Now with, my main focus stays on testing table tennis equipment. I've tested countless rubbers, blades, rackets and all other equipment. With my reiviews and equipment consultation experience, I've helped many table tennis players to find their new table tennis goods.

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