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Table Tennis Rubbers

Table Tennis Rubbers

All table tennis rubbers generally consist of a pimpled rubber and a rubber sponge, although long pimpled rubbers with pimples to the outside are often played without a sponge. The differences between all rubbers are very large due to the variable sponge hardnesses, pimple structures and rubber mixtures.

In addition, each table tennis brand has brought a variety of table tennis rubbers on the market. In order to keep an overview, reviews are made of the latest table tennis rubbers. But also a number of classic rubbers will be examined more closely on the TT-Spin Table Tennis Blog.

The biggest focus is on the modern tensor rubbers of the German manufacturer ESN. Almost every table tennis brand has their table tennis rubbers produced by the company from Germany. Besides the ESN tensors, the Spring Sponge rubbers from Butterfly are of great importance. But also Chinese rubbers, Japan rubbers or classic rubbers can be found on the blog.