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Butterfly Dignics 80

Butterfly Dignics 80

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The Butterfly Dignics 80 is another version of the new rubber series from Butterfly. The special pimple structure makes the D80 the most balanced version among the Dignics rubbers. Therefore there is an optimal balance between spin & speed, whereas all Dignics rubbers require a high level of technique and playing ability.
Butterfly Dignics 80 Review
Playing characteristics
Price-performance ratio
Overall impression
Playing styleOFF / OFF+
Rubber coloursRed / Black
Rubber technologySpring Sponge X / High Tension
Sponge thickness1.9 mm  / 2.1 mm
Sponge attributesSmall-sized pores; about 50.0° (EUR) Hard
Reviewed rubberRed 2.1 mm
Package Weight95.97 g
Uncut70.32 g
Cut44.98 g
Hours tested8 – 10 h
Release year2019

Butterfly Dignics 80 Review

As another new release Butterfly has now brought out Butterfly Dignics 80. This one and Butterfly Dignics 64 will follow the successful launch of Butterfly Dignics 05. The new Spring Sponge X sponge will remain. Butterfly uses again a variation of a rubber topsheet to change the characteristics.

The pimple structure principle

Butterfly sticks to the basic principle of combining different pimple geometries and rubber compounds with the same sponge. This is not surprising as it has already contributed to the great success of the Tenergy rubbers. Furthermore it appeals to different types of players, while keeping its unique identity.

Butterfly Dignics 80 is, like Tenergy 80, between the D05 and D64 regarding the pimple geometry. With medium wide pimples, the focus should neither be on maximum spin nor on absolute speed. Rather, a skilful balance should prevail, which combines all strengths.

This makes the D80 interesting for players who want to be successful playing close to the table as well as from half distance.

What to expect from Dignics 80

The experience gained with Tenergy rubbers shows that a rubber can be expected that is very variable and balanced in the attacking game. However, it remains to be seen how much more control the rubber has over the Dignics 05.

Certain is that the D80 doesn’t allow as much spin sensitivity and still allows a lot of room for offensive play.

With Dignics rubbers it has to be considered that they are absolute TOP rubbers, which even exceed the demands of Tenergy rubbers. Every player is expected to have a good, clean technique, fast arm movement and a high willingness to practice a lot. Otherwise the Dignics rubbers are simply too difficult to control and the potential, which the D05 has already shown extensively, cannot be used.

Especially as the rubbers are not necessarily cheap, it is recommended not only to read my review or browse the TT forums or watch test videos. Go to the nearest Butterfly Shop before you buy a rubber that costs more than some rackets 😉

Attributes of Butterfly Dignics 80

As with Dignics 05, D80 has a very grippy top sheet. Due to the modified pimple structure, the top sheet appears very soft and flexible, especially in comparison to the sponge hardness.

Underneath is a hard, fine-pored sponge equipped with the new Spring Sponge X technology.

The weight of D80 is another positive message. With packaging the rubber comes to 95,97g. Uncut it is 70,32g. When cut to Stiga standard size, the weight is only 44.98g.

Playing characteristics of Butterfly Dignics 80

While warming up I could breathe a sigh of relief. Butterfly Dignics 80 is noticeably more controlled and more comfortable than Dignics 05. I also had the feeling that the topsheet and sponge harmonize better in relation to my playing style.

I also couldn’t notice that the D80 is supposed to be faster than the D05, with which I constantly had the feeling to play fast and perfectly. With Dignics 80, on the other hand, I was able to play confident, although the demands are still very high. The rubber can be better compared to a 47.5° rubber, because the soft top sheet allows a lot of feeling.

Topspin & Rotation

With the first topspins I could create a lot of spin. You can specially wrap very well the backspins from the opponent. On fast opening loops the rubber shows its full power. The great strength is not the very last amount of power, but the fact that you can hit the shots fastly and precisely placed onto the opponent’s side of the table.

The maximum spin is very high, although something is missing compared to the rotation of the D05. Compared to the Tenergy 80 there is noticeably more rotation. Furthermore, I consider the Dignics 80 as a good power-update for T80.

Half distance, counter loops & Dignics comparison

From half distance Butterfly Dignics 80 shows promising potential. Equipped with the combination of power and rotation the opponents can be dominated. The strokes to end the plays can be executed in many ways. From the hard end stroke to the sensitive, placed spin play, everything is possible.

With counter loops the speed can be determined very actively. Both spin and power are convincing with the D80. The arc is quite high from all positions and gives the player a high degree of variability.

While the advantage of D80 compared to Dignics 05 is the better flexibility and balance, the rubber is superior to Dignics 64 in almost every aspects. The only advantage of D64 is that it has a lot of catapult, which gives advantages, especially on the backhand side. My favourite combination reviewing the Dignics rubbers was to play Dignics 80 on the forehand and Dignics 64 on the backhand side.

D64 seemed only to be faster when hitting very direct. From half distance D64 doesn’t create more dynamics than Dignics 80 because of the comparatively soft top sheet.


I liked Dignics 80 quite well when blocking. Herewith D80 is noticeably less sensitive to spin than D05. With fast, direct blocks, I had the impression that I could always play the balls exactly to the baseline. This is a big challenge for every opponent.

On passive blocks, D80 shows a good touch and feel for the ball. But very late blocks are also not easy to control. D64 or softer rubbers are much better suited for this.

Service & Returns

On serves, I was able to bring my many variations into play. Placement, rotation or feeling were always present. But there are even more spinny rubbers.

The returns are another great strength of Butterfly Dignics 80. Backspin serves can be returned with a lot of rotation. On sidespins serves the racket angle does not have to be adjusted too much to get a reasonable return.

On active flips D80 is very playable. The banana flips are dangerous and variable. From any position the top sheet grips the ball well and returns a dangerous spin onto the opponent side. Direct Flips also have good length and speed.

Shooting game & defence

The shooting game succeeds perfectly. The power of the Dignics Sponge allows you to push your opponents far away from the table. But it is also possible to play defensively far from the table. The slow defensive strokes can always be replaced by attacks from distance to gain the initiative again.

Conclusion on Butterfly Dignics 80

If the review of Butterfly Dignics 80 would not be overshadowed by the high purchase price, from which my finances still have to recover (sorry for the drama 😉 ), then I can consider the rubber as very useful and recommendable. Compared to Dignics 05 the Dignics 80 is much more suitable for attacking players of all levels.

The special strengths of D80 are the high variability in the attacking play. This concerns the placement possibilities as well as the use of all strokes. Furthermore, the rubber is reliable in the return game and gives the player many passive, as well as active, answers to the opponent’s serves.

Logically, due to the variability, the maximum spin or the last power is missing. But this is measured by the absolute TOP rubbers in these areas.

When comparing the Dignics rubbers I see D80 in front. D05 can produce more spin and is in itself a force to be reckoned with, but it is hardly controllable and very prone to mistakes. D64 is, from the top rubber point of view, just too soft to keep up with the absolute best rubbers and only convinces in straight, direct play, as well as with the catapult support.

I would recommend Butterfly Dignics 80 for topspin attackers, who want to play actively fast and spinny, but aren’t completely sold on giving up a good amount of feeling due to overpowered equipment.

Butterfly Dignics 80 Review
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Marcel Arnold (tt89player)
Marcel Arnold (tt89player)

Since 2014 I'm blogging about my most favorite sport, table tennis. On my german blog, I have already covered all the different topics about table tennis. Now with, my main focus stays on testing table tennis equipment. I've tested countless rubbers, blades, rackets and all other equipment. With my reiviews and equipment consultation experience, I've helped many table tennis players to find their new table tennis goods.

Marcel Arnold (tt89player)
Marcel Arnold (tt89player)

Since 2014 I'm blogging about my most favorite sport, table tennis. On my german blog, I have already covered all the different topics about table tennis. Now with, my main focus stays on testing table tennis equipment. I've tested countless rubbers, blades, rackets and all other equipment. With my reiviews and equipment consultation experience, I've helped many table tennis players to find their new table tennis goods.

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