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Butterfly Dignics 64

Butterfly Dignics 64

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Butterfly Dignics 64 is the third version of the new Dignics rubber series. So there is an in-house alternative for Dignics 05 and Dignics 80 which I think is interesting for many table tennis players. The 50° power sponge and the modified pimple structure promise especially speed and catapult in the attacking game.
Playing characteristics
Price-performance ratio
Overall impression
Playing styleOFF / OFF+
Rubber coloursRed / Black
Rubber technologySpring Sponge X / High Tension
Sponge thickness1.9 mm  / 2.1 mm
Sponge attributesSmall-sized pores; about 50.0° (EUR) Hard
Reviewed rubberRed 2.1 mm
Package Weight92.14 g
Uncut66.48 g
Cut42.76 g
Hours tested8 – 10 h
Release year2019

Butterfly Dignics 64 Review

Butterfly Dignics 64 follows, together with Dignics 80, after the successful launch of Butterfly Dignics 05. As with the Tenergy rubbers, Butterfly uses one sponge, which is combined with different pimple geometries within the top sheet.

Butterfly uses the same pimple ratios as with T05, T80 and T64. However, the differences could not be bigger. Dignics 64 has a modern rubber mixture and a harder, technologically advanced sponge.

D64 is set to become the fastest rubber version of the series. The thinner pimples are expected to give more speed, dynamics and power, which will be especially effective from half distance and in counter topspin duels. However the rotation of the D05 cannot be achieved.

The experience with Tenergy 64 in relation to the Tenergy 05 shows that a softer, more dynamic playing feel will also come to D64. It may be faster than the other rubbers in the series, but it also gives more feedback in passive playing situations. Furthermore, the more linear rubbers are generally less prone to incoming spin.

Generally the Dignics rubbers are not only more expensive than the Tenergy rubbers, but also faster and harder. Therefore, the demands on technique and training intensity increase if a change to the new rubber series is considered.

Attributes of Butterfly Dignics 64

As with the other Dignics rubbers, the D64 has a high quality, non-slippery rubber surface. In the pressure test the rubber seems to be more like a medium to medium-hard rubber. This is not surprising, considering the flexible rubber material and the visibly long pimples.

The sponge is identical to the other Dignics models. I would like to emphasize again that the 50° Springe Sponge X is almost as soft as the technically softer Spring Sponge of the Tenergys due to its flexibility.

I was already amazed by the weight of the rubbers. With only 43g the hard D64 moves in the realm of medium soft rubbers. Now I am not surprised that the rubber lacks the promised and expected top speed (we will come to that)

The packaging weight of my test rubber was 92.14g. Uncut the good piece weighed 66,48g.

Playing characteristics of Butterfly Dignics 64

On counter play, Dignics 64 looks very catapulting and playful. Due to the relatively soft and reactive top sheet, you could think that this is a much softer rubber. With its clear  feedback and nice sound, a pleasant playing feel is created. Therefore D64, despite the high basic speed, is at no time uncontrollable.

Opening topspins

The first loops succeed intuitively and easily. A high level of rotation can be transferred to the ball. Especially the sensitive topspin strokes can be played safely and well placed. With fast, hard spin balls, the rubber shifts into second gear and gets a lot of power from the dynamic sponge. Nevertheless, the Butterfly Dignics 64 looks a bit more tame and slower than the D05 or D80, which kind of surprised me at first.

Counter-loops, hard strokes & half-distance

The rubber is in its element during counter-looping and finishing strokes. The mixture of power, dynamics and feeling leads to a high hit rate. The mid-flat arcs often makes opponents underestimate the amount of spin. I was always able to score points in a dominant and effective way.

From half distance Butterfly Dignics 64 shows great potential. Every rally can be determined with spin play as well as fast attacking shots. It doesn’t matter if you want to score with a fast counter loops or with a flawless, high quota.

Comparison & First summary

When I compare Butterfly Dignics 64 with D80 or D05 I come to the conclusion that it is the easiest playable rubber within the Dignics series. The versatility makes D64 a rubber for any performance level, if offensive play is preferred.

But, despite all the praise so far, I would have expected more top speed. It seems that the pimple structure in combination with the soft Dignics rubber compound means that the power of the Spring Sponge X sponge comes through, but is also somehow slowed down. This was not the case with Tenergy 64, as the medium hard top sheet with longer pimples increased the dynamics the harder the ball was hit.

But also the rotation level does not come close to Dignics 80. And certainly not to the spin level of Dignics 05, which has the highest rotation potential. As an intermediate conclusion, D05 is the absolute top rubber of the series. I like D80 the most, because it offers the most variations for attacking play. It is very dangerous and still controllable for many players. D64 has mainstream potential, as the rubber does not come across too hard due to its feeling and catapult characteristics. If only there would not be the high price tag…


Blocking with Butterfly Dignics 64 works very well. There the rubber is not too spinny. Also neither too hard nor too fast. Especially with passive blocks you get a stable, catapulting and flat ball bounce. This makes it harder for opponents to play finishing strokes. Active blocks have a sufficient hardness. However, I personally like it better to have a direct feel on the ball from the first moment on, which the D64 can’t deliver. But this is a matter of taste.

Service & Returns

It is very easy to serve. With the soft top rubber, the balls are easy to guide, which rewards every wrist movement. The rubber forgives a too direct hitting point. The rotation level is high, but not at maximum. Since the catapult hardly actives without pressure, ball placement is no problem.

Returns are relatively easy to deal with. Not every mistake is punished immediately. Since the spin is not so high, the rubber is ideal for use on a weaker backhand side, for example. Active Flips have a good quality. Banana Flips can be played safely and spinningly. Unfortunately the arc is not so high, which means that the quota of banana flips is higher than the danger.

Finishing strokes & defence play

Butterfly Dignics 64 is very balanced in the shooting game. I could control my opponents with extreme power and speed as well as with placement and feeling. High defensive loops were a lot fun. The nice sound and the feeling make sure that actually every ball that is lifted up the air arrives. Counterattacks are effective and possible at any time.

Conclusion on Butterfly Dignics 64

Butterfly Dignics 64 is a fast table tennis rubber, which scores with a soft strokes and a lot of catapult as well as high end speed. Furthermore the rubber provides a good feeling with its 50° power sponge in half distance.

Due to its soft topsheet, D64 is comparatively controlled, forgiving and easy to use on a weaker side. I personally liked the combination of D80 on forehand and D64 on backhand.

Compared to Dignics 05 or Dignics 80 the last bite in terms of spin is missing. Also Dignics 64 is not the fastest rubber of the series in terms of final speed, which has already surprised me.

Butterfly Dignics 64 has mainstream potential. With this rubber even a player with a lower playing level, who prefers active attacking table tennis, feels comfortable. Unfortunately the high price tag destroys my intentions to recommend this rubber for the masses. If the price is not important, the rubber appeals to players with a soft topspin opening, who then want to get to the point early in the open game with variable finishing strokes.

Pros & Cons
About me
Marcel Arnold (tt89player)
Marcel Arnold (tt89player)

Since 2014 I'm blogging about my most favorite sport, table tennis. On my german blog, I have already covered all the different topics about table tennis. Now with, my main focus stays on testing table tennis equipment. I've tested countless rubbers, blades, rackets and all other equipment. With my reiviews and equipment consultation experience, I've helped many table tennis players to find their new table tennis goods.

Marcel Arnold (tt89player)
Marcel Arnold (tt89player)

Since 2014 I'm blogging about my most favorite sport, table tennis. On my german blog, I have already covered all the different topics about table tennis. Now with, my main focus stays on testing table tennis equipment. I've tested countless rubbers, blades, rackets and all other equipment. With my reiviews and equipment consultation experience, I've helped many table tennis players to find their new table tennis goods.

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