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Stiga DNA rubbers

Stiga DNA PRO and Future rubbers - The first tensor rubbers made by Stiga

For quite some time I was guessing the day we would see the first Stiga Tensor rubbers on the market. The answer is fall/winter 2019 and the name is Stiga DNA. Stiga is now able to regain some market share on an overloaded rubber market. The Stiga rubbers of the last couple years accomplished mixed success at best. At least I can’t find Mantra, Genesis oder Airoc on the bestseller lists.
Stiga DNA rubbers – What can we expect?

After some hesitation of Stiga to include ESN Tensor rubbers made in Germany to their portfolio, the modern tensor rubbers have to fill the gap in the range of Stiga. The rubbers created for this task are Stiga DNA PRO S, Stiga DNA PRO M, Stiga DNA PRO H and Stiga DNA FUTURE M.

For now, I am sceptical. I don’t expect something new from these rubbers. Stiga’s tensor rubbers are not the first ESN rubbers we have seen. It’s quite the opposite with so many tensor rubbers on the market…


Stiga DNA PRO S, PRO M, PRO H and FUTURE M – This is Stiga’s approach on their new rubbers

According to the product description, there will be three PRO-versions, developed for professional and ambitious table tennis players. The enlarged sponges promise lots of power, catapult and dynamic. Furthermore the top sheet is made with a high ratio of natural rubber, to accomplish a long durability and the best spin potential. A unique pimple geometry makes a pefect connection between the powerful sponge and the spinny top sheet.

The DNA PRO Series will be available with three different sponge hardnesses: Soft, Medium and Hard. I would guess hardnesses of 40°, 45° and 47.5° (EUR). The rubbers will be available with 1,9mm and 2,1mm thick sponges.

Of course, the rubbers are polyball optimized. A translucent top sheet and a orange colored sponge is the optic information about the rubbers.

In addition there will be the FUTURE M rubber. But only with a 2,1mm sponge thickness. It will help players, who are still developing their technique. Probably this is a similar model like Butterfly Rozena in comparison to Tenergy rubbers… Anyways, this rubber version is more controlled compared to the PRO versions and made for allround playing styles.
Does this move by Stiga come to late?

This is a very hard and tricky question. Stiga still has a very high reputation worldwide and is considered as one of the leading table tennis brands. In the end the price will decide, if Stiga’s new rubbers will be a success. In case the rubbers cost more than 50€, then most players certainly won’t buy and test these rubbers. The quality and playing attributes should be very similar to tensor rubbers from other brands.

But I like to be surprised. Perhaps Stiga created some really good stuff. May be not. I don’t care. The rubbers will be tested anyways 😉

If I receive more information about a specific release date and other things I will keep you up to date 🙂

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Marcel Arnold aka tt89player
Marcel Arnold aka tt89player

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