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TSP Super Ventus

TSP Super Ventus review

TSP Super Ventus With TSP Super Ventus another offensive rubber from TSP appears, after the brand waited a couple of years. With the newest addition, the rubber series adds its 5th version. Already in the line uo are Ventus Speed, Ventus Spin and Ventus Soft, as well as the beginner’s rubber Ventus Basic. When I …

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Tibhar Evolution MX-P50

Tibhar Evolution MX-P50 review

Tibhar Evolution MX-P50 – The new Powerhouse? Tibhar Evolution MX-P50 is a long-awaited addition to the popular Evolution rubber series. But that it would be a harder version of the best-selling rubber version Tibhar Evolution MX-P came as a little surprise to me. With MX-P, MX-S and EL-S, Tibhar already covers the demands of modern offenisive …

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